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Guam Real Estate Information Consult about housing, condominiums and land to Starz Guam Realty

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Guam Real Estate Information Consult about housing, condominiums, and land to Starz Guam Realty


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February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021
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April 23, 2020
About Guam Real Estate License
Guam, the United States closest to Japan. The flight time is about 3.5 hours.
It is also a tourist destination where you can come and go without hindrance to work if you use it on weekends.
As an attraction of
guam real estate investment, (1) You can first raise the ease of property price.
The median price for 2019 is $245,000 for condos and $340,750
for single-family homes In 2019, the average price is
$252,864 for condos and $371,021 for single-family homes (2) You can expect a stable rent yield.
The reason is that there is a rent subsidy system for U.S. military base employees in Guam provided by the U.S.
Federal Government and a firm rental demand from expatriates of companies entering Guam. Guam is a territory of
the United States, not a state and (3) basically no state tax. (There is a Guam local tax
called GRT), so it can be said that the tax on Guam real estate investment is advantageous compared to other states in the United States.
Finally, in addition to the aspect of being a tourist
destination, Guam is expected to further develop the real estate market
by (4) economic progress and expansion of infrastructure and housing as a relocation site for the U.S. Military Okinawa Marine Corps by the U.S.-Japan government agreement.
In this way, Guam is one of the most attractive real estate investment destinations.

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We support overseas real estate with 38 local subsidiaries.
2019: Starz celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Guam's first full-fledged 27-hole international tournament course certified by the National Golf Association (USGA).


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